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Attorney Scott M. Beller has more than 30 yrs of experience practicing immigration law,  assisting hundreds of  business, individuals and family members of  USA immigrants reach their immigration goals, and has successfully processed hundreds of  Family Based Petitions, visas, green cards and other naturalization cases. Areas of practice include Immigration and Naturalization, Family-Based Visas, Business Law, PERM/Labor Certification. Our law firm offers efficient, full service immigration services with extensive knowledge in Immigration Law Practice.



Immigration Practice Areas

Business Owners

Scott M. Beller & Associates assisting individuals, businesses, universities, health care institutions, religious organizations, sports teams and other clients obtain appropriate visas for highly skilled foreign national workers through employment-based immigration. The U.S. immigration process is complex, even for attorneys.  Our experienced law firm will guide businesses through the PERM labor certification process when it is required. We also advise business owners about immigration categories that do not have to be precertified such as aliens of extraordinary ability and managers and executives of multinational companies.


Scott M. Beller & Associates represents professionals and skilled workers of all fields, including scientists, IT workers, athletes, artists and religious workers who are seeking to further their career goals in the United States. As your lawyer, our firm will help you select the immigration category that offers you the greatest chance of success and meets your goal, whether that is a temporary visa or permanent residency Green Card. Scott M. Beller & Associates also handle asylum cases for victims of persecution and torture.


Scott M. Beller & Associates Law firm assists family members who seek immigration to the United States based on their close relatives who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent U.S. residents.  In addition to family-based immigration, we also guide clients through the naturalization-citizenship process.


Scott M. Beller & Associates Law firm represents employers and individuals throughout Illinois and the nation. The PERM labor certification is often a necessary step in the process of obtaining a work-related visa, in which foreign professionals and skilled workers may obtain permanent residency in the United States. This process requires the employing company to prove that it advertised for the position but could not find a U.S. worker who met the requirements for the position.



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